Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Getting ready for a 2016 trip to the Puckasaw Depot

I recently finished your fine book. Beautifully written, and immensely interesting! Thank you so much for sending it to us. I thoroughly enjoy Canadian history, and your engrossing writing certainly brings the Depot to life.
Bill Whitman   Washago, Ontario

 I very much enjoyed reading The Puckasaw Diaries, my favourite Christmas present this year. It’s the first book I’ve read a second time immediately upon finishing. Thanks for all your efforts in getting this history recorded for others to enjoy.Rich Greenwood    Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

 Wow Ruth what a book. I’ve read it once but there is so much to take in that I can see there will be quite a few repeat reads.Bridget Roberts     Wiltshire, England

 I have started reading and am enjoying it. I'm sure as soon as I get them cataloged they will be read by many of our patrons. It is great when we get some new local history in our libraryJan Ramage       White River Public Library

To order a copy of The Puckasaw Diaries contact the author Ruth Fletcher at
Cost is $29.95 plus 10.00 shipping.

1956    Gord and Dan all set to head up the lake to Puckasaw 

           Hurray .. 

             Summer 2016 and we're heading to Pukaskwa Park 

                         and the Puckasaw Depot

1999 view of Davis Island, Puckasaw Bay and Imogene Creek mouth 

We'll see what's left of the cabin this year.

1975      Fletcher -Mills cabin 

                                ...more news when we get back...